Understanding Real Estate Commission Rebate

1st September 2021

Are you planning to buy a new home? Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with the number of choices available? Seeking professional help and assistance? Then we at Magnolia Realty can be your best bet. We are one of the premier real estate agents in the Maryland and DC area offering the best real estate commission rebate to home buyers.

Now you might be wondering what is real estate commission rebate all about! Before taking you to the world of Magnolia Realty homes for sale, we will let you understand all about home buyer rebates and various other aspects associated with it.

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What is real estate commission rebate?
A real estate commission rebate also termed as a commission refund is the money that you receive back after the closing of your home buying is successfully done. Sounds great right! When you buy a home, a portion of the sale amount goes to the real estate agents involved in the transaction process. Usually, a buyer’s agent gets 3% of the purchase price and the listing agent gets the other 3% of it. And the real estate commission rebate is a fraction of the 3% commission that your agent receives.

How the commission rebate works?
Commission rebates are generally calculated as a percentage of the commission of the agent that is returned to the customer. Buyers may receive thousands of dollars in commission rebates that depend completely on the agreement they carry out with their agent. These real estate commission rebates are provided by the agents to their clients voluntarily, which means that not every agent is capable of offering such an incentive to their buyer clients. It also implies that buyers cannot demand for a real estate commission rebate if their agents do not offer any such incentive. So if your agent isn’t ready to offer an incentive, you can always go for a different agent who can offer you a commission rebate.

We at Magnolia Realty offer the best real estate commission rebate that is thrice that of Redfin.

Why we can give you a real estate commission rebate?
At Magnolia Realty, we are one of the most reputable real estate agents and we are able to give you a part of your commission because we utilize the best technology for operating efficiently. We also help you in streamlining the home buying process in such a way that it enables us to maximize savings. And we pass on the hence made savings to you. Also the knowledgeable buyers today carry out most of the legwork on their own, such as finding their dream home and we believe that they need a reward for the same!

Why we are saying all this because although you may purchase your home without taking any agent’s help, you won’t get any commission. When you are buying a home without an agent, the entire commission goes to the agent of the seller. That is why today buyers must work with agents who give commission rebates that reward them for their efforts. With us, you get the complete brokerage service and full-time assistance while sharing our commission with you. Our home buyer rebate program offers the best real estate commission rebates that can turn into savings worth thousands of dollars.

You will receive the rebate once the home-buying deal is closed. Want to know more about Magnolia Realty homes for sale and our real estate commission rebate? Contact us today.