4 Condo Buying Checklist When Looking For Condos For Sale In Silver Spring MD

23rd December 2020

Investing on a condo in Silver Spring is an excellent way to enjoy home ownership without taking the headache that usually comes with a single-family homes & townhouses. Condo owner can also usually take benefit of shared amenities, aside having pro management to take care of building upkeep.

However, before looking for condos for sale in Silver Spring MD, it is wise to find out what your budget and lifestyle requirements are first.

Take into account your lifestyle:

Don’t like to mow the lawn & trim the hedges? Add pressure cleaning your driveway to the list? If all these things are not cup of your tea, then condo living may be your best bet.

Work with a real estate agent who’ve experience in selling condos:

If condo living is what you have decided, then it’s time to look for a realtor who have best interest in selling condos. He/she know the best condo developments in your region. They also have idea on issues such as finances, structure or infrastructure problems. The realtor should be able to let you know if there is been hostility over community issues and they also know which condo developments have resale value.

Shortlist the amenities you want in your Silver Spring condo:

Condos have a wide array of amenities – some you probably use, and some you don’t. When talking to your real estate agent, ensure to address the sort of amenities you wish alongside other aspects such as budget and location so you can get the ideal place.

Also consider the amenities that you don’t use – a pool for instance – may still be worth having because when you go to resell, a property that lacks the amenities of others in the area will be at a decided disadvantage.

Reassess association fees & regulations:

Besides your mortgage, you will have to pay association fees for the maintenance of the property. Take another look at those fees & inquire what is included – for example lawn care, cleaning common areas, snow removal, etc.

Apart from that, inquire about rules that you need to follow as an occupant. Are there any restrictions on noise? Or protocols regarding reserving common paces in advance? Having good insight of these rules before time will help you in figuring what whether you will wish to stick to them.

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