All About Buying a Home in Gaithersburg – A Brief Idea!

4th July 2019

Seventeen miles from Washington DC, Gaithersburg MD is a great place to reside. Homes here tend to be less expensive as compared to the real estate market of its neighboring cities such as Bethesda, Potomac and Chevy Chase. Housing prices in Gaithersburg range typically in between $200,000 and $650,000 while the town homes here have price over $150,000.

Why choose Gaithersburg MD as a city to live in?


There is so much that Gaithersburg can offer its residents that makes life in the city much better.

1 – Most of the homes in Gaithersburg are close to a variety of amenities that are essential for everyday living.

2 – I-270 expands through the center of the city which makes commuting easier. Residents can also use the MARC Train Service for making transportation even easier.

3 – There is a massive shopping center in the northern part of Gaithersburg. The stores in the area include Costco, H Mart, Brookstone, Macy’s, New York and Company and Bed Bath and Beyond.

4 – For foodies, Gaithersburg has several reputed chain restaurants such as Starbucks, Panera Bread and IHOP along with some unique dining places. A few other names that you can find within the city are Laredo Grill, the Golden Bull Grand Café and Cebiche House Flavor of Peru.

5 – When it comes to technology giants in the city you can find several renowned tech giants here such as IBM, Sodexo, Gene Logic and Lockheed Martin.

6 – Also there are a plenty of places that help in keeping you engaged in various activities that include the Gaithersburg Aquatic Center, an athletic field following the Bohrer Park and more than twenty parks.


So are you planning to buy a home in the city? Looking for the best home for sale in Gaithersburg MD? Is it your first time that you are buying a home? Then we at Magnolia Realty being a premier and trustworthy real estate agent in MD and DC would like to make a few suggestions for you to make your home buying experience much easier and hassle-free. Have a look –


1 – Always keep your budget in mind i.e. how much you can afford as a first-time buyer which depends upon your income and other variables.

2 – Choose the right real estate agent. Buying a home is a complicated process that requires plenty of paperwork, hence, when you hire a good agent like ours, they will stand by your side throughout the process and help you at every step.

3 – Understand that there is no such home that is perfect! We understand that you do not want to settle for anything less when you have dreamed of an ideal house. But you will have to compromise on certain things when it comes to real estate. Usually, a buyer has three considerations while buying a house that are price, location and size! However, sometimes the fact is that you can achieve only two of these three things.


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