Buying a Home for Sale in Columbia MD – Timing Matters!

18th April 2020

Are you scrolling through several websites for finding the best houses for sale in Columbia MD? Want to buy one? Do you know what time is best for buying a home for sale in Columbia MD? No! Do not worry; we at Magnolia Realty will help you with this!

Columbia MD has a wide range of homes for sale, but you have a good chance to buy your dream home at a good deal only if you understand the seasonal fluctuations in the real estate market here. These fluctuations affect the price to a great extent. Also, it enables you to know if you have competition or not!

Many buyers overlook the timing factor, but it is extremely significant for grabbing the best possible deal on a new home. As a buyer you must know that buying a house is a huge and long-term financial investment and you make sure to sign any papers after thorough scrutiny. But one factor that you also need to consider is the seasonal fluctuations in the housing market.

What are seasonal fluctuations?

Seasonal fluctuations are a way to determine the surges and declines in the real estate market during the different times of the year. And you know what! As much as 10% of difference on the price of your home can be observed because of these fluctuations! You might find the percentage small but it will help you save thousands of dollars on your deal when you buy it at the right time.

So when is the best time to buy a house in Columbia MD? Let us find out!

Usually, most of the houses are bought and sold during the spring and summer months; however the best time that we suggest you is fall or winter. Why? That is because during the fall and winter months you can expect almost zero competition in the market. And low competition is directly proportional to low prices of the homes. The prime reason behind this cut down in the home price is that there will be lesser potential buyers and hence sellers will be cutting down the price! So you can use this time for grabbing the best deals.

Note: That doesn’t mean you should not buy a home in the spring or summer! Specifically during the months of March to May you can find the highest number of homes listed on the market. And the probability of finding your home of dreams increases.

With us at Magnolia Realty you will get professional buyer representation as well as we will share part of our commission with you around 2.11% of the home’s selling price. The best part of making us your real estate agent in Columbia MD is that we offer a rebate that is thrice or more than that of Redfin’s.