Buying a Home in Washington DC with Magnolia Realty – The Best Deal to Grab!

29th March 2019

Buying a home in Washington DC is a significant investment; hence it can make anyone a bit nervous, especially if you are a first time home buyer! The surprise expenses and other aspects of the purchase can make the whole thing somewhat complicated. However, when you buy your home with us at Magnolia Realty, we can make this journey of home buying a smooth affair for you with our non-pushy agents who will be standing beside you throughout the process.

Apart from that, there are few tips that every home buyer in Washington DC must know to have a good home buying experience.

The tips are as follows:

First of all, as home buyer you need to be ready with fluctuations in the real estate market. The market in DC is highly competitive and hence, might require an increase in price. It is common to have several competing offers for good homes. So you need to make yourself a bit flexible in terms of your budget!

Secondly, choose the home that suits you the best. For instance, if you are looking for a large lot or tons of room, then a single family home can be a perfect choice for you. But would you like to compromise on extra space for less maintenance and more amenities? If yes, then pay a fee to the Condominium association and get a condo that fits you well!

Thirdly, make a list of must haves, but remember one thing that if a home is not satisfying all your needs but still has potential, never miss it out! If you can make some changes and get what you wished for then missing out on such a home will be sheer foolishness. Never say no to a home whose flaws are temporary!

The fourth and most important tip is choosing a real estate agent carefully. A real estate agent is like a secret weapon when it comes to home buying. A good agent will provide you with the right information on Washington homes for sale and guide you throughout the process to make your home buying experience convenient and enjoyable. At Magnolia Realty we make sure to provide home buyers with a full-service buyer representation. Also, what makes us the best from the rest real estate agencies is that we share up to 70 percent of our commission with the home buyer!

So if you are interested in buying a home in Washington DC and looking for the best deal on some of the high-quality Washington homes for sale then do consider us! Call us at 301-775-0175 or 240-793-2861 and you can also write to us at