Chevy Chase – One of the top Livable Communities in Maryland

2nd March 2020

Recently, it has been observed that the families residing within Maryland or the ones planning to relocate to Maryland are taking more interest in the Chevy Chase region. Chevy Chase in Maryland is an unincorporated community that is located near Washington DC. This region is considered as one of the top ten livable regions in Maryland. The prime reason behind the ranking is its better education system and low crime rate.

What Makes Chevy Chase MD a Place in Demand?

Apart from its effective education system and low crime rate, Chevy Chase has a lot more to offer that makes it a place of better livability score. Let’s find out the factors –

A Small yet Charming Town

Chevy Chase is a small community in Maryland with its unique charm that makes it quite popular among families looking for buying home in Maryland. According to – “The Town of Chevy Chase is a self-governing municipality located in Montgomery County, Maryland. The incorporated boundaries of the town extend to East-West Highway on the north, Connecticut Avenue on the east, Bradley Lane on the south and one block east of Wisconsin Avenue on the west. Today, there are 1,032 homes and approximately 3,000 residents in the Town.”

The residents of Chevy Chase make their best effort to keep their community clean and safe. All the residents take active participation in the town maintenance and policies. Also, the homes in this region have attractive architecture and are at high values. You can also discover several new houses for sale in Chevy Chase MD with recent builds and renovations.

The streets in the community are well-maintained and repaired every year. Also, making requests regarding safety hazards and power outages to the local government is much easier in the community. Safety is the top priority here, and that is another reason why people prefer Chevy Chase over many other communities in Maryland.

Chevy Chase Community Resources

A wide variety of community resources are being offered by Chevy Chase to its residents. There is a Chevy Chase at Home program that involves the senior citizens of the community. Also, there are two accessible public libraries and an easy public transportation system. All these resources and accessibilities make Chevy Chase an ideal community to reside in.

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