Exploring Few Facts and Things to Do in Wheaton MD

5th September 2020

Finding homes for sale in Wheaton MD or in its neighborhood can make you feel overwhelmed especially during the current scenario where COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire real estate industry. However, you can make the process of home buying with the help of reliable and expert local real estate agents like us at Magnolia Realty. We understand the current situation and its effects on the home buying market; hence, we take all possible measures to make the process safe for our clients. For instance, we offer virtual home tours that allow home buyers to investigate the home they are looking to buy at the convenience of their homes.

Few Facts about Wheaton MD


Now that you are interested in buying homes for sale in Wheaton MD, let us take a look at the neighborhoods of the community, so that you get a brief idea about the place you prefer for your residence.

The roots of Wheaton go back to the mid 19th century. This small rural business district of then was known as Lees borough and later Mitchell’s Crossroads. The current name of the suburb comes from the name of a military officer Frank Wheaton who was a major-general who served during the Civil War and American-Indian Wars.

Talking about the real estate market in Wheaton, you can discover a variety of property types that include ranch homes, town homes, split level homes as well as Cape Cods that date back to the years after the World War II, when these were built for the returning GIs and their families.

Things to Do in Wheaton MD


There are different things that you can do in the neighborhood for having great experiences with family. Some of the best things to do include:

Traditional suburban mall experience in the Westfield Wheaton at some of the best shopping and entertainment options such as a Costco and AMC Theatres.

For enjoying the most delicious culinary delights in downtown Wheaton you can visit Pho & Banh Mi Saigonese that is renowned for its affordable yet delicious offerings such as super-sized bowls of Vietnamese noodle soup and crunchy Vietnamese sandwiches.

For outdoorsy folks, Wheaton Regional Park is the best option where they can take delight in train rides, tennis games, hiking trails, picnics as well as horseback riding.

For music enthusiasts, the Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Centre is massive music emporium is worth exploration. This music emporium has been in business since 1958 which was destroyed during the DC riots and reopened shortly afterwards in Wheaton.

There are much more in the suburb that makes it an ideal residing place for families and loners alike. So if you are interested in buying home in Wheaton MD and seek professional assistance, get in touch with us today!