How to Get Your Property Ready To Put On The Market For Sale

4th April 2020

The process of getting your property ready to put on the market for sale can look like intimidating enough. There is clearing the mess, endless cleaning works, organizing & inspecting your property with a fine-tooth comb. What requires attention & what can you leave alone?

Here are a few fixes you must complete before asking a real estate agent in Washington DC to put your home for sale.

Structural & mechanical:

It mightn’t be exciting, but potential buyers are in search of big-ticket items such as the age & state of the roof, air-conditioning & heating units, electrical panel, water heater and pipes.

Here we are not saying that all these items should be replaced, but if any of these items are the last stage of their lifespan, you might seriously want to replace them as these stuffs could decide the type of financing the buyer can get and also insurability of the property.

If you don’t have the fund to replace these belongings, get estimates on the cost involved to replace. You always have the luxury to contribute to the replacement expense in the form of a credit to the closing cost of the buyer, and provide a home warranty that can offer some coverage if something breakdown of require repair.


How does your home’s exterior look? Is there any wood decay? When you painted it last time? Are there any stucco cracks that deserve care?

Remember first impression of your property begins from the outside, and your home’s exterior will appear in images across different websites, etc. This is certainly an area worth spending time and money.


Speaking about your home’s exterior, how does your landscaping look? Are the plantings overgrown and wilted? Are there any overgrown tree branches hanging over the property or obstructing your home’s view?

By trimming back & freshening things up with new plants and landscaping you can surely transform how the exterior of your home look.


This is the time to go through the interior in detail. Now is the time to add spark to the inside with a fresh coat of paint if there’re any dents & dings on the walls, scratched moldings or worn paint.

Check out your ceiling fans and light fixtures because these are dramatically cost-effective things to update, yet they help big time in creating value for your home.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home in Washington DC, you need to get in touch with a non pushy Real Estate Agent in Washington DC to make the whole process a lot easier for you. Here at Magnolia Realty, we make sure your interests are protected and save you thousands negotiating the best deal for you. Home buyers in DC can call us on 301-775-0175.