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With a population of about 17000, the Takoma Park in MD is approximately 2.4 square miles in area. The median value of homes for sale in Takoma Park, MD is $422,500 which is higher than that of the county median home value which is $414,400. The real estate listings at Takoma Park include condos, townhomes, as well as singles homes for sale. You can also find various commercial properties as well. So whether you want to sell or buy a house here, you must get in touch with a reliable and experienced real estate agent in Takoma Park, MD like us at Magnolia Realty. With us, you can explore a wide range of homes for sale in Takoma Park MD.

We at Magnolia Realty provide you with professional buyer representation whenever you plan to buy a home or condo in Takoma Park. We further help you by sharing part of our commission with you which is around 2.11% of the selling price of the home. Also, you know what! Our rebate is about three times more than that of the rebate offered by Redfin. So this makes us a reliable real estate agent in Takoma Park MD.

Advantages of choosing us as your buyer agent:

• Offer you chance to view a number of homes or condominiums for sale in Takoma Park MD to make the best decision.
• Get a market and price analysis for determining the fair market value of your home or condo of interest.
• We assist you with offer preparation, review, and presentation
• We help in negotiation of an offer, and other contingencies such as inspection and appraisal

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    Other Benefits of choosing us as your buyer agent:

    • Electronic document signing for fast submission of offers.
    • Our agent will be there beside you throughout the process.
    • Review of the final numbers before closing and attend settlement.
    • We offer largest realtor rebate in MD and DC and is completely legal (around 2.11%)
    • Home buyer agent is paid a sales commission by the seller at closing that is around 2.5%-3% of the home’s selling price.
    • Our rebate is in addition to any credits given to the buyer by the seller or lender.
    • We reward our clients for active participation in searching home either online or by visiting open houses when possible.

    Home or Condo Sale in Takoma Park MD with Us

    And when you make us your listing agent in Takoma Park MD you get the following advantages:

    • Offer a full-service listing for a 1% fee.
    • Make use of the best tools in the industry and beyond to showcase the notable features of your Takoma Park MD homes for sale.
    • Specialize in property pricing valuations. We combine all-encompassing market data and our local market knowledge to decide the best listing price for your home or condo for sale in Takoma Park MD.
    • We meet with our clients on a regular basis to talk over the best plan that will match their individual needs.
    • While listing your Takoma Park MD home or condominium for sale, we work with professional photographers to represent your home’s best features to potential buyers.
    • Obtain constant updates on the status of your home sale and the market. We welcome our client’s feedback as well.
    • Promotion of your homes for sale in Takoma Park MD via online as well as print marketing to expose your home to the largest number of potential buyers. We list your home on Zillow, Trulia, and Facebook,, Craigslist, Google Ads,
    • We list your open house on the multiple listing databases so that an online feed is sent to most real estate website.
    • We create stylish property brochures to make your home shine.
    • We also offer 3D virtual tours of home or condominium for sale in Takoma Park MD from anywhere.

    We make sureto make your home famous among the buyers and other agents, hence use the best tools in the industry.

    Make us your home buying or selling agent in Takoma Park MDand get the best deal in the market. So contact us today at (301)775-0175 or write to us at

    - Aya Netanel, Real Estate Broker/ Owner

      Phone: (240)793-2861

    With 16 years of real estate experience and millions in sales volume throughout her career, Aya prides herself on her personal service and attention to her client's needs. An Impressive track record in real estate sales, and experience in listing and selling single family homes, townhomes, and condos throughout Maryland and Washington DC, allows Aya to confidently handle complex transactions making her your Washington DC Metro home expert and investment property authority.

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