Silver Spring MD – The Current Real Estate Hotspot

14th July 2020

Is Silver Spring on your radar as a destination where you want to invest in property? Then you will be glad to know that more than 60 percent of homes in this town are occupied by renters. And there are several reasons that draw people towards Silver Spring to reside and one of the most prominent reasons is its proximity to Washington DC. Other reasons include its diverse and vibrant population. Apart from that there are a plenty of things to do in Silver Spring.

So if you are looking for homes for sale in Silver Spring MD, then we at Magnolia Realty have brought you some exciting reasons that will make you even more determined to invest in a property here. Have a look –

  • Highly Energetic Downtown Silver Spring

The downtown area in Silver Spring is one of the fastest-growing places and a hub of high energy attractions. Besides that it is a pedestrian friendly destination that allows you to walk around and explore the best of the place. Here, you can take delight in interesting installations at Public Art Walk, live concerts at The Fillmore along with numerous bars and restaurants and a lot more.

  • Movies and Theatre

Besides the theatrical attractions of Downtown, the town also hosts several concerts and shows throughout the year. And if you are music lover then live music is always there to entertain you. Also, if you are a movie buff then Silver Spring offers silver screen attractions as well. There is the IMAX and Regal Majestic Theatre for movies.

  • Remarkable Museums

If you have interest in history and culture exploration, then Silver Spring MD has a number of museums for you. The National Museum of Health and Medicine offers fascinating facts and exhibits such as the bullet that killed Lincoln, hairballs, tumors and many other anatomical models and more. The KID Museum allows kids to learn about the world with interactive displays and fun-filled activities. Besides these there is the HBCU Museum and many more.

  • Outdoor Activities in Silver Spring

Are you an outdoorsy? Then Silver Spring will not disappoint you as well. Wheaton Regional Park offers year-round fun activities for both winter and summer such as horseback riding, hiking, train rides, ice skating and more. Similarly, there is Sligo Creek Park for walks, biking, fishing and relaxing. Woodside Urban Park offers room for skateboarding, tennis, basketball along with playground for kids. And there is more!

Apart from these there are several wining and dining hotspots, top-rated schools, entertainment-laden places for children and more. Also the cost of living is liberal.

Moreover, the real estate in Silver Spring MD is hot property currently. So make us your real estate partner today and let us help you find your home of dreams at the best price in Silver Spring MD. For more details get in touch with us today!