Buying Home in Montgomery Village MD – Facts and Tips

11th May 2020

Is Montgomery Village in MD your next residing destination? Looking for the best home or sale in Montgomery Village, MD? We at Magnolia Realty are in the real estate industry for more than a decade now in MD and DC areas. And we can tell you that Montgomery Village in MD is one of the best communities to reside in.

You can discover a variety of house for sale in Montgomery, MD, that includes condos, townhouses, and apartments. This planned community amalgamates the suburban comforts such as community centers, tennis courts, pools, and more while offering high-paid job opportunities. Besides, that commuting to D.C and Baltimore is easy and takes less than an hour.

We have brought you some of the essential facts about Montgomery Village, MD. These facts will help you in having good knowledge about the community that you have chosen to be your next residing place. Have a look –

· Established in: 1966

· Population in the community: 40,000 (2011 census)

· Residential Units: 12,099

· Neighborhoods: 10 homes corporations, 11 condominium associations, and 4 rental complexes

· Definition of the Community: Large-scale planned community

· Zoning and Code: Montgomery County

· Village Facilities: 4 Community Centers, 6 Pools, 22 Tennis Courts, 18 Recreation and Park Areas, Community/Corporation Offices, Natural Amphitheater


Now following are a few expert tips from us on how to make the search process of your home for sale in Montgomery Village MD hassle-free and easy. Check it out –

· First of all, you need to understand and know the type of home you want to buy in Montgomery Village i.e., if you wish to buy an apartment, condo, townhome, or a single-family home.

· Secondly, decide on the age and condition of the home you are comfortable with. Evaluate your needs, preferences, and budget to determine whether you want to buy a newly constructed home or an older home that requires some renovations.

· Thirdly, weigh on the resale potential i.e., the proximity to different essential places like schools, shopping centers, hospitals, restaurants, and likewise. Also, consider the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, neighborhood, and commutation access.

· Finally, consider taking the help of an experienced realtor in the area like us, who can help you find the home of your dreams without much hassle. Also, we can help you grab the best possible deal! We provide open-house visits to make you analyze the features thoroughly. And we offer the best home buyer commission rebate, which is three times more than the rebate provided by Redfin!