Germantown MD – Top 5 Things the Residents Enjoy Here!

20th May 2020

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Now as you have selected Germantown MD for your residence, we have brought you some of the best things to do in this suburb of Maryland, so that you can have an enjoyable stay here. Germantown is a suburb that is full of life with proximity to national parks, golf courses, quaint villages and shopping centers. Besides that there is much more that you can do in this lively suburb. Let us dig into the top five out of those below-

· Seneca Creek State Park

If you have affinity towards nature or you are a nature person, then the Seneca Creek State Park awaits you. Covering more than 6000 acres of land, this park is ideal for all those who love boating, swimming, fishing or having picnic with friends and family while enjoying the nature. Besides that there are hiking trails through the park as well as horse riding option. The park is an ideal spot for adventurers and nature lovers alike.

· The Blackrock Center for the Arts

Interested in arts or music? Then the Blackrock Center for the Arts is your best bet. Here you can take delight is watching shows and performances. You can also join classes for music and arts education here along with relishing free gallery exhibitions. Every year thousands of people from all over the world come here to see international music artists showcasing pop, jazz, blues, rock, folk as well as classical music concerts.

· Gunners Lake

During summer, a dip in the Gunners Lake will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. The residents of Germantown believe it to be “an oasis amidst Germantown.” Also, you can walk, jog or cycle around the lake’s loop while relishing the mesmerizing view. Surrounded by vegetation including wild strawberries, wildflowers, honeysuckle and a plenty of bird species, the Gunners Lake is a treat to the eyes.

· Bohrer Water Park

An ultimate spot for satisfying adrenaline rush or having a fun time with kids, Bohrer Water Park has a tropical themed pool, numerous slides with sharp twists and turns, splash pools and expandable animals. Also you can sit in the shade at the picnic area for relaxing.

· Shoppers Stop

You can discover a number of large shopping centers in Germantown to fulfill your shopping spree. Some of the shopping centers include Cloppers Mill Village and Kingsview Village Shopping Center. You can find everything from top brands to boutique stores, cafes and restaurants in all of these centers.

Apart from these five, there is much more that you can do in Germantown MD that make is a great place to reside and visit. So make us your Germantown MD realtor and we will assist you in finding your dream home as well as exploring the different aspects of the suburb. Contact us today!