Home Buying and Selling During COVID-19 – The Virtual Way

19th September 2020

As far as planning to buy a home or sell a home is concerned, the entire process can be a challenging and overwhelming experience, especially in the present situation. As we all know how COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in every aspect, taking huge decisions like buying or selling homes can be a draining experience. So if you are looking to buy homes for sale in Olney MD or wanting to list your home for sale, you must take help from professional realtors like us.

Being one of the most experienced and leading realtors in MD and DC, we at Magnolia Realty make sure to assist our clients in buying or selling homes in the most convenient way. We understand that buyers who look to buy homes for sale in areas that have outgrown town homes and condos like Olney MD, have different expectations. Basically, we focus on four things while assessing the market viability of the home that include landscaping, appliances, interior and exterior paint and flooring.

Whether you are selling your home or buying a new home, these four factors play a crucial role. If you are a seller make sure to keep your landscape, paint (interior and exterior), appliances and flooring in tip-top condition to attract more potential buyers who can pay the best price for your home. If there are noticeable flaws in your home’s outlook, make sure to rectify them before listing it on sale. However, you need not have to spend a lot on the renovation; simply make minor renovations like painting the home, cleaning and maintaining your lawns, repairing the visible scratches and spots and likewise.

Similarly, if you are planning to buy a home, then pay attention to these four factors of the homes for sale in Olney MD, you are considering to buy to avoid spending more on renovations later on. You must pay for the right home that is appealing, fresh and offers value for money.

We at Magnolia Realty, provide open house tours to our home buyer clients that helps them know the house inside out before investing on it. And during this pandemic situation, we are making it easy and efficient for our clients via virtual home tours. Our clients can still examine the homes for sale in Olney MD they are looking to buy virtually. So make us your real estate agent today and we will make your home buying or selling experience the most efficient.

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