How Crucial is Home Staging for Listing a Home for Sale?

21st August 2020

Home is a place where we feel the most at ease. No other place is as comfortable as our homes. Isn’t it? A happy home is what we all wish for. Many a time we plan to sell our home due to various reasons like relocation to other city or county or moving to a bigger house. In such cases leaving the home as it is may not attract enough potential buyers.

Are you planning to put your home for sale in Montgomery Village MD? And wish to attract the right buyers? Then we at Magnolia Realty can help you with that! We are a reliable and expert real estate agent firm in MD with more than a decade of experience. With our extensive experience in the field we have concluded that home staging is crucial when it comes to selling a home.

Home staging not only provide you a competitive advantage in the market but also may add additional percents to the price you get for your home. Always remember first impression is the lasting one, so make sure to create an appealing first impression of your home for sale in Montgomery Village MD to attract the right buyers. Want to know how home staging helps? Check out below –

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Exterior of your home is as much important as its interior. Potential buyers make decisions on your property based on the exterior photos. We at Magnolia Realty hire professional photographers to capture the exterior of the homes on sale and later put them online for potential buyers to see. So you need to make sure that your lawn is well-manicured, clean and attractive. You can invest a bit on the garden and add bright colorful flowers to it. Power wash the outside of your home and clean up the outside of the windows! Curb appeal of your home is extremely crucial here!

Pack, Pick and Clean Up

Pack up your personal stuff as potential buyers do not like to walk into a home that makes them feel like they are at someone else’s home. When selling your home make sure to make it completely available for others. When the home is less personal, it becomes easier for the prospects to envision themselves living there. Clean up the clutter and pack all but essential clothing. It makes the rooms, closets and storage space look spacious and more appealing.

Repair Noticeable Flaws

Repair all cracks and holes with caulk and spackle. Scrutinize your home completely and find out the flaws within and try to fix as much as you can especially the ones that are noticeable. You can consider a friend’s help who can help you find out the flaws, scratches that you may overlook. Remember, if your friend finds it then your buyers will too. And if there are major improvements required then make sure to address them before even thinking to list your home on sale.

We at Magnolia Realty being an experienced realtor can help you with every aspect of home selling in MD and DC. You can get in touch with us today, get your home listed for sale and find the best potential buyer who can purchase your home at the best price in the market.