Potomac MD – A Thrilling, Environment-Friendly and Liveable Place

14th August 2020

Are you considering Potomac MD as your new residence? Looking for the best home for sale in Potomac MD that is priced within your budget? Then you need help from a reliable, experienced and professional local real estate agent like us! We at Magnolia Realty believe that before helping our clients in finding their home of dreams, letting them understand the place where they are planning to reside is essential.

The logic behind this thought is that when you know the place well, it becomes easy for you to decide whether you are comfortable with its lifestyle and neighborhood or not. Also, if you are planning a relocation with your family, then you need to make sure that the location you are choosing to reside is suitable for your family or not and if the place offers all the conveniences you are looking for!

Now let us talk about Potomac, the place of your choice so that you can decide whether your choice is right or wrong for you and your family.

Potomac situated on the banks of the Potomac River is also known as the “Beverly Hills” of Montgomery County, Maryland as it possesses some of the gorgeous homes that makeup its neighborhood. The residents of Potomac praise the thrilling outdoor excursions, arts and convenient access to the various parts of Montgomery County as well as Washington DC area. So what all you can see and do in the community let’s find out below –

Glenstone Museum

Glenstone Museum is a privately owned modern art museum that holds around a collection of 1,300 works of art created post World War II by artists from different corners of the world. Set in picturesque natural landscape, this museum was established and funded by American businessman Mitchell Rales. The collection available at the Glenstone Museum are of the artists who are already established and have been exhibited for more than 15 years.

Billy Goat Trail

A 4.7 miles long hiking trail between the C&O Canal and the Potomac River, Billy Goat Trail is located near Great Falls in Montgomery County, Maryland contained by the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park. Laid out in 1919 by the YMCA Triangle Club, this trail is divided into three sections. Section A crosses Bear Island, through rough and rocky terrain including a sharp climb alongside a cliff in the Mather Gorge on the Potomac River. The other two sections are comparatively easier to hike and the access to all these trails is absolutely free; however there is an entrance fee to the park.

Great Falls

If you are looking for water adventures then Potomac has Great Falls for you. Great Falls is a series of waterfalls and rapids on the Potomac River. It is protected by the Great Falls Park, operated by the National Park Service and Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Parkland. You can take delight is the views of the Great Falls from the Bully Goat Trail on Bear Island. Besides the spectacular views the Great Falls Park is renowned for outdoor activities like kayaking, white-water rafting, hiking and rock climbing.

Besides these there are several other aspects of Potomac that make it an ideal place to explore and reside in! So if you are looking for a place that is environment friendly, thrilling, convenient and livable, then Potomac fulfills all your wishes!

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