Real Estate Investments – Qualities a Real Estate Rebate Agency Should Possess

1st July 2020

Making investment on real estate in MD? Then having a strong desire to save money is obvious! You might have consulted with several real estate agencies as well. Many companies might have also promised you of commission refunds. However, whether you are investing for the first time or you have experience in real estate investments, you must understand the advantages of each company you are consulting with so that you can make the right choice.

Moreover, you should also have the basic knowledge of home buying experience while choosing a real estate company that offers large rebates. We at Magnolia Realty being in the business for years now believe that transparency is the key to gain trust of clients and hence we are transparent in our dealings. Besides transparency there are certain other qualities a real estate rebate agency should possess. Let us check those out below –

  • One Agent Per Deal

When you choose us as your real estate agent for purchasing a home in MD, you will be working with the same full service realtor throughout the entire process or transaction. Working with one agent builds a trusting relationship between the agent and the client which leads to a better deal for both parties.

On the other hand there are certain agencies like Redfin you might have to deal with different agents per transaction such as field agent, main agent, lead agent and transactional agent. Working with multiple agents might not be that effective especially when you are a first-time home buyer.

  • Proficientand Knowledgeable Agents

As far as large agencies like Redfin is concerned, no doubt there will be experienced and knowledgeable agents but there will also be not so experienced ones. If you are lucky enough then you might get to deal with a proficient agent that knows the market in MD better, but only if you are lucky! Usually, experienced agents are the busiest ones and getting to them cannot be assured.

On the contrary, if you choose us, Magnolia Realty, we can assure you that your transaction will be dealt by a professional and full-time real estate agent who will be besides you throughout the transaction.

  • Zero Partner Agents

At times Redfin and several other refund agents outsource your property transaction to a partner agent depending upon the real estate needs you seek. Most likely such scenarios occur when you request to see the properties that are far away from the primary operating area of your agent or when the workload is high on them. The partner agents usually rebate a portion of their commission which is considerably smaller that you expected.

With us at Magnolia Realty, we do not reduce your commission rebates depending upon the type of home you want or the location of the property. In fact our refund rate is thrice than that of Redfin refund in MD.

Want to know more about our real estate dealings and rebate rates? Then get in touch with us today.