Questions Asked to Home Buyers by Our Real Estate Agent

25th June 2020

Buying a home has a significant psychological impact on the buyer where they have to deal with high stakes, gigantic incentives while avoiding troublesome facts. However, we at Magnolia Realty being a genuine and experienced real estate agent in Gaithersburg make our clients realize the truth and hence we are open to the different queries that our clients have in their minds while buying a home with us.

We have enlisted a few significant questions that we often ask our home buying clients. These questions help us understand what the buyer actually wants and how we can help them. Have a look –

  • Why they want to buy a home and why now?

This question helps us gain the understanding of their reasons for buying a home. It further helps us in tailoring our services as per their requirement and situation.

  • Are they working with a lender?

We take the financial source of our clients into consideration as it helps us realize whether or not the loan is approved yet. If they have any difficulty with the loan, we recommend them a reliable lender. This helps in building a bond of trust.

  • How many homes have they already checked out?

Their answer to this question determines their level of experience in real estate dealings. It also helps us to understand whether they have been working with other agents and their experiences with them. And hence, it helps us in creating a better deal for them.

  • How we prefer to contact?

Here we determine our communication skills by offering communication via phone calls, emails, texts as well as all social media contacts. This helps us as well as our clients to know when both of us are available for further discussion.

  • Will it be okay for you if we find the home for you by tomorrow?

We often ask this question to gauge the readiness of our clients and get a perception about their ideal timeline. When they will be ready to move in? Will it be within the next three to four months or longer? And if the buyer is a first timer then we discuss escrow and closing process with them so that they will be aware of the entire process.

  • Which neighborhood they find ideal?

Here we assess the important aspects they are looking for in the neighborhood. For instance, if they are looking for a neighborhood with proximity to schools, markets or other essential sources, then we make sure to share our knowledge regarding the neighborhoods that suit their preferences.

Besides these questions we also ask them about their preferences regarding the house, rooms, exterior of the house and more, to understand what actually they are looking for!

So if you are looking for a trustworthy and expert real estate in Gaithersburg who has complete knowledge regarding the neighborhood then contact us today. However, we would suggest you to be clear about your preferences so that we will customize our services as per your wish and help you find the home of your dreams at a great deal.