Top Five Essential Traits of a Competent Realtor

22nd June 2020

As far as home selling and buying is concerned the first and foremost thing one should take into consideration is choosing the right realtor. However, finding a dependable and reputable realtor isn’t an easy job at all. Most of the home buyers and sellers often fall into the trap of wrong realtors and end up with overspending of time and money. Are you also looking for a reliable Gaithersburg realtor whom you can trust fully? Then there are certain essential traits or qualities you need to consider that differentiate a powerful realtor from a mediocre one.

  • They should be An Extraordinary Listener

One of the best traits a realtor can have is a good listening ability. They should listen to your preferences, requirements and other details carefully and retain it in their mind. For instance, if you tell them your budget limit, then they should stick to within that range while scrolling through properties. A good listener can easily realize your needs and plan an approach according to your criteria.

  • They should be An Impressive Communicator

Communication is the key to a successful deal. No one would ever want to work with an agent who lists a home and never follows up. A realtor who speaks enthusiastically to you on the recent advancements in your home selling or buying process is the one you should choose. They should communicate with you clearly and inform you about the entire transaction process. The realtor should be available especially during the business hours and respond to your calls and texts as quickly as possible.

  • They should be Incredibly Honest

Honesty builds a bond of trust which is essential for any business deal or in general. You should look for an agent who is honest and transparent with you during the entire process of sales. A realtor who is honest will price the property right at listing for sale as well as inform the buyer about the hidden issues with the home they are willing to buy. When you have a honest and truthful realtor on your side, the deal becomes a stress-free affair for you.

  • They should be Exceptionally Ethical

A realtor who adheres to the strict code of ethics throughout the transaction process is the one you should rely upon. This abiding implies that they will not misinterpret or conceal the essential transaction facts as well as the contract deals will be provided completely in writing. Such realtors treat all people equally and keep your best interests protected.

  • They should be a Natural Negotiator

An experienced and expert realtor is always a natural negotiator who is capable to seal the deal with smart and aggressive negotiation skills. Such a realtor helps you save a lot of money as well as finalize the deal faster. You can judge their negotiation skills by providing them a difficult scenario and check how they deal with it.

Our Gaithersburg realtor at Magnolia Realty is a good listener, commanding communicator, fully honest, ethical and a confident negotiator who can help you with real estate dealings smartly. For more information get in touch with us today!