Why it is Better to be with Magnolia Realty rather than Redfin in Potomac, MD, for any Real Estate Exchange

25th December 2021

When one needs to undertake any real estate exchange, be it buying or selling a property, there are two options to choose from. One is to be with the much-hyped Redfin in Potomac, MD and the other is to be with reputed real estate agencies like us at Magnolia Realty. People generally choose to be with Redfin due to the aggressive advertising that they have made to offer the best value while on a real estate exchange. However, doing such, they make the greatest mistake of their life. Therefore, it is wise to depend on us than Redfin.

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Reasons to depend on us during a real estate exchange
We do not claim that it is beneficial for a buyer or seller of any real estate property to be with us without any cause. If we look at some real estate exchange done through us in Potomac, MD, it will be more apparent to anyone.

A buyer in Points of Rocks, Frederick County, MD, received a cashback realtor rebate of $ 6625 for a price of $ 445000. If they had chosen Redfin, then they would not have got any refund. So let us see another instance where it was beneficial for a buyer to be with us. The buyer received $ 15295 as a realtor rebate from us when they would have received only $ 4799 from Redfin.

There are various other examples that we can cite to prove that it is beneficial for any buyer or seller to be with us during a real estate exchange in Potomac, MD.

If we summarize then for two big reasons, it is beneficial to be with us. One is that we offer personal service, and the second, our commission refund is three times more than that provided by Redfin.

We try to offer a personalized service to our clients. We assign a particular agent who communicates with our client throughout the process of real estate exchange. As a result, our agents develop a personal bond with our clients. The development of such a bond helps clients to share their requirements without any hesitation with our agents. In turn, as our agents exactly know what our clients require, they can serve better. One can get a full buyer’s agent representation from us at a flat fee of 0.89% and the rest of the commission we share with our clients. Moreover, there are no hidden costs to surprise you at the end of the exchange.

As said, our commission refund is three times more than Redfin. But, again, there are various examples that we can offer to substantiate this benefit.

The process of working with us is simple. As you contact us, you will be able to search for homes using the database of Redfin or Zillow. Then, as you select a home, we will be with you till the closure of the exchange and offer you the rebate at the close of the deal.

So, instead of directly being with Redfin, contact us at Magnolia Realty to have a beneficial real estate exchange in Potomac, MD.