Home for Sale Boyds MD – How To Get A Buyer Agent Commission Rebate?

13th November 2021

Buying a home can be expensive, time-consuming, emotional, and stressful, especially if it is your first time. Between the realtor costs, closing costs, and moving costs, it’s no wonder why most people fear the process of buying or selling a home. Some of the common questions that we get asked for a home for sale Boyds MD center around real estate agent commission rates both for the home buyer and seller. For example, many clients come up with questions like – are commission rates negotiable, who pays the buyer agent commission, and is a home buyer rebate legal?

A lot of confusion clouds hover around these topics, and we at Magnolia Realty homes for sale are here to clear the air.

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Should I Represent Myself Or Go With A Buyer Agent?
Buyers agent for á home for sale Boyds MD are always helpful, and we encourage you to work with one. Selling and purchasing a home may be the largest investment you make. It is always good to have a professional in your corner to help answer any of the questions you may have and help you negotiate the purchase. But today, buyers’ agents are not just worth 3% of the final sales price. So, many folks have started to ask for a home buyer rebate from real estate agents.

What Is A Home Buyer Rebate?
It’s when a buyer’s agent gives their client back a fixed part of the commission they receive from the seller. For example, if a buyer’s agent collected a commission of $10,000, they may elect to keep $5,000 of that commission and give a commission rebate of $5,000 to the client. Commission rebates allow buyer agents to compete for the level of service they provide and the price they charge for that service. It’s a win-win situation.

What Is A Buyer Agent Commission?
It is the fee that an agent charges in return for helping their client (the buyers) with the home buying process.

How Can Magnolia Realty Homes for Sale Help?
The professionals at Magnolia Realty will make your home or condo buying in Byods a great experience. Furthermore, we will help you by sharing a part of our commission with you, which is up to 2.11% of the selling price of the home.

You will get the following benefits upon choosing us as your buyer agent

1. View as many homes or condos fr sale in Boyds MD

2. We will help you determine the fair market value of the condo or home of your interest

3. Help with offer preparation, review, and presentation

4. Our agent will assist you throughout the entire transaction

5. Our Realtor rebate is the largest one in MD and DC and is completely legal

6. The rebate is in addition to any credits given to the buyer by the seller or lender

If you’re in Boyds MD and you’re looking to buy a home, or interested in selling your current home, contact us.