Top Three Reasons Investment in DC Real Estate Market is a Smart Decision

16th September 2021

Washington DC is renowned for its unique real estate market in the entire US. District of Columbia, sits at its heart which is the seat of power in the US. It is the first reason that makes the area a highly attractive point of attention for brokers looking to invest in world-class real estate. However, the DC Metro area real estate market is more than 68 square miles that is granted congressionally. Besides that the broader metropolitan area covers the areas such as Arlington and Alexandria, VA along with some portions of Maryland including Montgomery county. Washington DC features a number of diverse real estate opportunities for both the investors as well as the future homeowners.

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Real Estate Agent Washington DC

With our years of experience, we can tell you that investing in DC real estate market is a smart investment. And to let you understand why we say so, we have brought you top three reasons for the same. Take a look:

Ultra-Active Economic Hub
Washington DC, an already active economic hub is all set to turn into an ultra-active hub with Amazon choosing Crystal City, VA as its home for its second headquarter. The future impact of this project will boost up the technology and retail power industry in the city. The new headquarters of Amazon will incite economic growth directly as well as indirectly across the entire region. The newfound desirability of the area will definitely increase both its popularity and prices. So it is the right time now to invest in the properties here before the market begins to heat up in true sense.

The DC Market is Still in the Progressive Mode
Even when Amazon is all set to come to the town, the DC market will experience the impact gradually and hence the market still remains in the progressive mode. It may take a decade or so to get the new HQ2 sets up completely reaching the size and scope of Amazon’s main Seattle campus. The immediate communities to the DC metro area, neighboring southern Maryland and farther reaches of northern Virginia offers various deals for the real estate market.

The DC Market is a Consistent Performer
Prior to 2017 Washington DC was placed second to New York as far as million-dollar home sales is concerned according to PropertyShark report. A report published by Zillow in 2017 showed that a quarter of DC homes sell for over asking price that was approximately 7% increase from 2012. Moreover, the 2018 and 2019 Emerging Trends in Real Estate reports by PriceWaterhouseCoopers reflected that DC and North Virginia real estate markets are among the most desirable to buy with better and positive returns highly likely. Most of these statuses were piled up prior to the announcement of the HQ2 of Amazon, owing to the already strong educational, political, cultural and economic identity of the region.

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